Boon Digital Media

I am currently completing my new website and brand. for this I have created a new logo and accompanying graphics.


One of my new featuring new graphics is the Boon mandala which features elements of digital design (e.g wifi symbols and coding references) within each of its layers.

I also made a motion graphic which may be used at the end of future video productions as my ident.


Kinetic Typography

This task involved making a clip of over 20 seconds in which we had to use typography in After Effects to accompany and enhance a sound track featuring voice. We also had to try to avoid any type of imagery or graphics other than the type itself.

For my clip I chose a scene from Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes in which we hear the main character Caesar speak for the first time in front of a crowd of humans. I chose this scene specifically because it is very focused on the speech of Caesar, which is a perfect match for a task which focuses on Voice and typography.

I initially created a simple version of this sequence with only the animation of type, and only in one particular font. This however didn’t feel like much was going on, as typically these sequences involve alot more speech compared to the scene I chose. Therefore I decided to focus on other techniques in after effects that would make the final product more interesting.

I looked into the animation of the camera layer to create more complex transition effects rather than just a fade in and out. I think this was quite successful in making the scene feel faster paced. I have also focused on Typography heavily to convey emotion in the scene. For  example using italics with increased kerning the emphasize ‘not’, or using a more menacing typeface for the word ‘war’. I found using two layers of type in different colours made a nice effect especially if you animate one of the layers along with the movement of the camera. This can be seen at ‘War’. Using the 3D mode for text animation also allowed for some nice swinging effects and transitions for words. The final touch was to add an adjustment layer with a simulated film grain that adds to the emotion of the scene itself, and providing the clip with the look I envisioned for it.

I think the most important part of this task is successfully syncing the audio with the text as I found out from trial and error. Unsynced audio and text completely ruins the scene and distracts the audience from the content, as it becomes very noticeable.

Overall I am pleased with the result of the clip. If I were to do this again I would like to focus on a scene with much more speech to get a faster paced clip. I would also like to look into masking and creating 3D text elements in Cinema 4D.

After Effects Motion Graphics

This is a motion graphic that I have made using key frame animation in After Effects CC. I have used a logo that I made for a company (Unity Development). I wanted to use After Effects because its a relatively simple program to create motion graphics in with a lot of features. This could have been made in Photoshop CC, but it would have taken much longer as you must produce the animation frame by frame. I have used Photoshop in this case to convert the MP4 file produced by AE to an animated GIF so it is viewable on my blog.