Easel: Other issues Fix

To fix the image date error, we had to create a php.ini file in dakar (something which was present in my own hosting, which was why it worked there an not here). On there we changed the date settings to GMT rather than grab it from the timeline its in. This stopped the error from appearing.

As we couldn’t connect to the external server (due to 1 and 1 connection permissions) we fixed this by creating a new database and connecting to that.

The upload directory permissions were fixed on my dakar. Something that Rob could do when we provided him with the file directory we wanted to write to.

Finally all of our images were not showing (e.g. the nav logo). Rob said this could be due to us using static paths instead of relative ones. Up until last minute I have changed all the paths to relative ones and have managed to get a few images showing, but the most important one (the navbar logo) still won’t show. Ive checked the console log etc.. but with no luck. I may not get it done by submission time but its something id like to fix.


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