Easel: Image Display issues

The next hurdle was to display the images from our new “Uploads” directory. This can be a relatively simple matter of creating a glob and echoing out each file in that directory. That is the first option we used. Assuming the simplest answer was the best. Initially it was our idea to create a wall of images. However this proved to be more difficult than expected. To keep the proportions of the image we thought echoing each image out in the background of a square DIV would work fine. However the issue was we were using the $filename php attribute inlace of naming each image. What this did was on echo out the first image in the upload directory multiple times as a div background. After speaking to both Phil and Kyle there didn’t seem to be a way around it.

images echoed in sequence
images echoed in sequence

We then tried a more complicated route. Using the timthumb plugin we attempted to automatically create a thumbnail for each image and have it post to the web page. The problem this case however was that the thumbnails it created were too low resolution and too small to be front and centre on an art app. Therefore we decided to revert back to the old script. The only new addition we made to this old script was to now order the images by the date so the latest ones would appear at the top of the page.

imagedisplay.php with date ordering functionality.
imagedisplay.php with date ordering functionality.

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