Easel: Logo Design

As we had made some progress with the website itself we still did not have an identity or logo to work with. Abbie took to the iPad to begin sketching out a few Ideas. We had decided on the name Easel for our website because we found that it makes it extremely obvious what the purpose of the website is and its arty background.

Abbie’s sketches for the logo

We liked the incorporation on the easel itself into the logo that Abbie drew. So we decided to go with logo 2. I got to work on creating a vector rendition of this in Illustrator.

initial logo
initial logo

Here is the finished and initial logo created. It stays pretty true to the sketches Abbie created and we all like the look of it. However after using the logo in the navbar it made it quite unreadable because the A was much larger than the rest of the text. I redesigned the logo to have all the same size fonts, but had to sacrifice joining the easel with the text. This is not a big issue as it is much more readable now.

larger new logo in a triangle
larger new logo in a triangle

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