The Wiki and Participatory culture

On Tuesday Rob introduced us to the Idea of participatory culture. This essentially revolves around how the web has evolved past other mediums of media like the news paper into a Web 2.0. This is where we see the web become interactive, allowing users to participate in the media that they are viewing. One example Rob told us was the wiki. A wiki is merely a web page that can be edited by anyone. The most commonly used wiki around the world is wikipedia. It calls itself the free encyclopaedia.

The Wikipedia landing page

This makes use of participatory culture to use the collective knowledge of people around the world to form what is claimed to be the worlds largest encyclopaedia.

Another example of this “Shared culture” or “Participatory culture” would be Youtube. The website itself does not provide any content. It relies on the users to create and upload their own content, and Youtube serves as a base to upload and view that video content.

Screenshot of the first version on Youtube

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