Infographic Design process.


This is my initial sketch for my infographic. My idea is to display a globe suspended in space by the lines that represent the meteor strikes. This should give a visually striking look to the poster making seem as if the world is being hung up from wires, but also shows the data in a fairly easy to read way. With this We should be able to see clusters of strikes easily and the location at which they impact. The origin of the lines is not meant to be accurate as to where the meteors have come from in space, but just a representation. The poster should feel minimalistic, like there is not too much going on. Perhaps I will create one poster with the text info and one without which I have seen on various infographics before, like the one in my initial infographic post. I hope to stick to this drawing, as it was my initial concept that I sketched out and I like the best out of my ideas. Others included a flat earth and dots/pins to represent strikes. And various other origins of the lines.

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