Infographic design process 3

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 00.51.23

After creating the globe, the next step was to build the lines to represent the strikes. I did so by using the pen tool to create a line and then copying and pasting. This saved time over individually creating each line in the place it needs to end up as I had planned to worry about positioning after. Again using the direct select tool I selected the ends on the globe individually and placed them in the position of their craters (using a map as reference) I wasn’t too worried about specific positioning, but I got as close to the point of impact as possible).

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 00.45.45

After positioning I had to connect all of the anchor points for the lines together. Here I use a technique I found when learning how to create low-poly portraits in illustrator. Using the Direct select tool, You select each end of the line you want to join (shown above). After all anchor points have been selected use the align tool (both horizontal and vertical). The aligns all anchor points to each other, thus merging them all into one. This process proved to be much quicker than dragging and dropping each individual anchor point onto each other.

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 00.51.32

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