Infographic research: Displaying the data.

Something that should go hand in hand with design is usability. This poster must be simple to understand, which means coming up with an intuitive way to display the data I need. In this case recorded meteor strikes. The first thing I notice when looking at most infographics is that they require a key to understand it at all. Although this may be necessary for my poster I want to make it as understandable as possible. After looking at the data available, the amount of recorded meteor strikes through history, would make the poster look a mess and be wholly unreadable. Therefore I have decided to map only the terrestrial craters on earth rather than use all recorded strikes only in a certain area of the world. I chose to do so because my initial idea for the poster involves the whole globe and mapping every recorded strike would be far too confusing to the viewer.

My idea is to separate the data onto the image of a globe with lines going to locations of these craters (symbolising the impact of the meteor) and have a time line with the frequency of strikes below. This simple separation of two forms of data should make the poster almost instantly understandable to an audience.  Also, using only two forms of data should simplify the poster even more, making it much more visually appealing.

I think making this poster look less like a scientific diagram (like one would find in a text book) and more like a poster you would want to hang on the wall is the key to success. The data can be displayed both appealingly and effectively. One of the factors I will judge myself on after finishing the poster is whether I have managed to do both.  The problem with the infographic below is that it does not look appealing to the viewer. However it does display the data in a very understandable way.


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