Infographic Research: Design Inspiration.

For my second research post I want to look more into design of poster material specifically. First I looked at these modern takes on retrofuturism. These are some posters designed for the film Wall-E. They have the same kind of feel that I want to be going for in my poster.

Poster Wall-E

I especially like the use of this border in the off white colour. I have seen it around in various posters and advertisements. This is a typical design trend of the the 60-80’s which can be seen on movie posters or even technology adverts in newspapaers. The off white colour adds to the authenticity of this older style in which presumably they were trying to mimic the colour of paper. This colour also appears on the very first Macintosh. These posters have a feel reminiscent of The Jetsons, a show which I also hope to draw inspiration from for my poster.


The images also have a fine grain on them. Something that I could possibly add to the poster to give more of a retro feel to it. For the outcome of the poster, I want to make it seem as if it has been illustrated in the 60s, but possible with a few modern aspect to hint toward the process used to make it.

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