HTML, CSS and Javascript

After having our first web development workshop, I am excited to get into it on the course. I already have a fair amount of experience in Web Development so I thought I would post one of my on going projects.

This is a work in progress website, but It already takes advantage of some nice HTML and CSS techniques. For example the header image is a looping video of one of the projects the company is working on which works using HTML 5 Video which is a very simple plugin using the <video src=”></video> tags.

However the main challenge for this website was to make it fully responsive (a task that I am still working on). If you look at this website on the phone you are not redirected but you are taken to the same site but with different CSS properties that look great on the mobile. This is achieved with media queries. Here you can specify screen or window size and have different CSS properties underneath. Therefore I have various breakpoints. If you go on the website and re-size the window you will see the CSS properties change and items on the page move to best fir the screen.


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