This week we were introduced to animation, looking initially at Pixilation which is essentially stop-frame animation of humans. Having had experience with animation programs on the computer I was keen to try some stop-motion animation.

In our seminar we were asked to create a 12 frame animation for a rotoscope. I wanted to create an animation that could easily loop so I decided to try a growing plant, which did not end up looking very good. So for my next attempt I tried to keep it more simple. This is a floating ball of ink which has the appearance of it continually dripping. This looked good on the rotoscope as it looped very well.


After the seminar I tried to think about stop-motion animation. Specifically one that represents a cycle. So I chose the cycle of time.


This GIF loops very well. I think this is one of the best that I tried because it represents the cycle alot better.

Pixilation I found very interesting an upon looking deeper into it I found that it is still being used today for some fairly big projects. It provides a great stylistic look to a video that cannot really be shown in movies anymore which is why we see it more in music videos for example.

As these traditionally protray a story that has a beginning and end, it cannot really stick to the theme of cycle. So therefore I tired a pixilation of only my hand doing a motion that can loop well.


For this task I found the best way to create these animation was to use an app rather than to take the photos with my camera and create the animation using Photoshop. This saved time and gave me more freedom using the smaller camera on my phone. If I were to do this task again I would have attempted to do a longer pixilation story that involves the theme of cycles which could produce some interesting results.

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