Temporal Expressions

This photographic task involved using various techniques to create images that center around the theme of cycles.

In our seminar we were shown some of David Hockney’s joiner images which he makes using his joiner technique. Stitching photos together into a collage which much more resembles photographs spread out on a table rather than a perfectly stitched panorama.

Hockney Joiner

As it is nearing Halloween I thought I would use the annual cycle of Hallows Eve to present my take on Hockney’s joiner technique.

Halloween Joiner

I like my take on the joiner image as I have used masking in Photoshop to crop out the background of the pumpkin. This way I was able to show only the organic shape of the pumpkin and still have the joiner effect be quite prevalent in the photo.

Next we were tasked with creating both long and short exposure photos.

For my long Exposure photographs I wanted to focus on the cycle of the commute. Therefore I chose to use the Bournemouth Buses and traffic in my photos. With the lights being one of the most obvious things on a vehicle a long exposure photo of such gives a great effect.

 DSC_0689                DSC_0690

for the first image, I took a 6 second exposure photo of the view whilst driving down a road. Here you can see the light streaks curl as the car gives an unsteady platform for long exposures. I think it gives some interesting results. The second image was taken from a still viewpoint as the bus had stopped and traffic moves past. We see the light streaks from the moving traffic alongside the stationary bus.

For my short exposure photos I focused on the cycle of nature. Therefore I looked at capturing a freeze frame of these cycles. I think I did this well especially with the first photo capturing the birds in flight.

 20141011_170802               20141011_170808


I think that a better way going about this project would have been to pick one specific theme to stick to. I chose multiple themes to explore the ideas I wanted to, but I think one specific theme would have produced a much more unified final portfolio of images.

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