Alphabet Photo Collage

ABCThis photo task consisted of creating a collage where each photo represents a letter in the alphabet.

I went with the theme of ‘University Halls’ where each photo is of something from within the halls (which turned out to be a lot more difficult than first anticipated). Some of my favourites here include those in which I have used perspective to create the Letter. For example The ‘M’, ‘P’ and ‘E’ were only visible when taken from these particular angles. I have also tried to incorporate texture along with the depth techniques. For example the ‘V’ is only visible because of the stitching but is made of the same material as its background. Others I have tried to relate to the letter itself. For example the ‘T’ is a picture of a Tea bag and the ‘K’ is made from keys.

In hindsight I could have made this a lot easier for myself by choosing a different theme, and could have saved a lot of time if I took the pictures in any order rather than going through the alphabet from start to finish. However I do think I managed to find some interesting objects to take photos of and used some nice techniques to capture them. If I were to do this project again I would like to focus on one particular photo technique and stick to it for every photo. This would produce a more professional looking product and have one uniform look rather than a mess of photos. However what I have produced does have some personal touches to it which makes it both fun to look at and could make a good addition to our flat notice board.

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